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Located in Shenyang, the biggest city in Northeastern China. Our company is collaborating with Immune Therapeutics Inc. USA to form the first consulting firm in the world to provide a comprehensive immune rehabilitation plan for cancer patients. The goal is to provide affordable alternative solutions to cancer through therebalancing and mobilizing of the body’s immune system.

  • Our Mission :By leveraging a novel patented therapy called 4D Immune Plan to meet unmet medical needs and improve the lives of cancer patients in China and around the world.
  • Our Original Intention :To prevent cancer patients from relapsing after treatment without maintaining and paying attention to the health of their own immune system.
  • Our Team :Our consultants include experts and professors with special expertise in the field of immunology or tumor immunity.
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Core Technology

4D Immune Plan

Regulation on imbalanced sub-populations of lymphocytes in cancer patients with a set of immune drugs

Regulation on imbalanced sub-populations of lymphocytes in cancer patients with a set of immune drugs is a more gentle with less side effects and much more efficient way to fight cancer and should be an accepted approach by patients around the world. And this 4D immune plan might be the key or final solution to cancer therapy around the world.

  • Innovation

  • Less Side Effects

  • More Effective

  • Individulized

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Membership System

  • Detailed Food / Nutrition Plan

  • How To Use Immune Enhancers Correctly

  • Recommendation Of Chinese Herbal Medicine Or Nutritional Supplement

  • Monitoring And Gathering Result Of Daily Body Status

VIP Members

VIP members will receive unlimited number of consultation services and online services for the duration of his or her lifetime.

Long-Term Members

Long Term members will receive three times face-to-face consultation services and online services up to six months.

One-Time Members

One-Time members will receive one time of face-to-face consultation service.

4D Life Pack

Developed by Professor Fengping Shan, professor of immunology at China Medical University, and in collaboration with Immune Therapeutics Inc. USA, 4D Life PACK series products are a new generation of immune nutrition foods. The foods were developed based on the analysis of the environmental stabil...

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Group Introduction

Located in Orlando Florida, Immune Therapeutics Inc. is a late stage clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of our highly innovative immunotherapies. IMUN is a biotechnology company developing T-Activatio

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  • Add:No. 83 Zhongshan Road, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning (1522)

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